2014 Trip To Russia for VIM

From Father John...

I thought I would just give you a few notes on my trip to Russia. The highlight was a meeting with Metropolitan Danijl and a visit to the monastery of St. Artemiy. I attended a Sunday liturgy at the Cathedral in Archangelsk and then had lunch with the Metropolitan.

We spent several hours discussing possible programs that would involve an exchange between us. Students and others would come from Russia to spend some time here, and then we would send people to Archangelsk. These visits would involve many religious and cultural experiences and when visiting monasteries, we may be able to do some light work to help out. Many of the churches and monasteries are being rebuilt after the Soviet era.

We had a wonderful overnight visit to the Monastery and learned much about St. Artemiy. However, it did take a 5 hour overnight train ride, then an hour on a dirt road, and finally a boat across the river to get there. It was totally worth it. I found the people there to be warm and friendly. Of course, I was a bit of a curiosity - an American convert priest in the Russian Church who spoke no Russian. Thanks to Aida Airepetov for being my interpreter.

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Monastery Website (translated)